February/March 2019 Update

Dear Family & Friends,

We trust that where you are spring has/is springing and that the intrigue of new life and new beginnings will capture your hearts and minds.  Here is a brief update on our lives over these past two months.


Like for many Canadians, winter seemed to linger a little long this year.  And, just when it felt like it was going to end, it would snow again, or get colder.


At the beginning of February we headed east to Winnipeg to spend time with Kilcona Park Alliance church where we lived and pastored from 1987-1991.  As you can see, we were greeted by more snow and even colder weather than in BC.  But, as always, the time with our friends (and some family) in Manitoba was rich and warm.  We are so thankful for great partnerships with churches like Kilcona.


We had the privilege while in Winnipeg to pray with a couple of our faithful prayer warriors (Jeannette and Pat).  We meet weekly with them, and others, in an online prayer room, so it was special to actually be face to face during the prayer time.  If you are interested in praying with us weekly and being part of our intercessor team, please contact us at michelle.derksen@hostmailbox.ca.


The weekend included a quick trip down to be with family in the Morden/Winkler, MB, part of the province.  Let’s just say that we were thankful we made it there and back safely.

A week after arriving home from Winnipeg we landed in Mexico for university spring break.  It was a treat to spend a week resting with our daughters.  Our brother and sister Brian & Helen were staying close by and we got some down time with them too.

We arrived home just in time to celebrate our daughter-in-law’s birthday.  Family time is always a treat.


That next week we celebrated Mitch’s 30th birthday too. Lauren gave him a fishing boat for his birthday so us boys got out to give it a try (doesn’t attract fish yet though).


A week later we were back in Mexico.  Michelle spent her time doing member care with the 13 families on the ground in Mexico City, while Murray met with the board for TeachBeyond Mexico and the BridgeWay North American School.  Below is a picture of the Alliance Center in Mexico City where we normally stay and have many meetings, followed by a picture of the BridgeWay board enjoying a farewell dinner with the current director of the school.  We were thankful to be able to hire a new director that very same weekend.  The school continues to be in very capable hands.

IMG_8654 2IMG_8667

After enjoying our home and our own bed for almost a week, we headed to Toronto for our semi-annual meetings with the global team we are a part of, as well as with the Alliance Canadian leaders.  This is always a rich time of strategizing, making decisions, stretching and discussing the big picture themes that are part of movement forward.  Here is a picture of our global team along with the support staff from Toronto.


We got home and found that spring had started to sprout from the ground while we were away.  Let’s just say we are thankful for new life, especially after a longer winter.


We finished March with a day of enjoying creation from a different standpoint – a mountain top experience actually.  We were able to spend a part of the day with Myles & Janice, and the rest of the day with family from Manitoba.  We are so thankful for the beautiful Okanagan as a fantastic place to come home to.


As always, we are thankful for the time you take to keep up with the Derksens.  We appreciate your partnership in so many ways.  If you want to know a bit more about us and our ministry please visit our profile page.  You will find opportunities there to partner with us.  You will also find ways to give to the work we are called to do.

Murray & Michelle


January 2019 Update

Dear Family & Friends,

We are so thankful for your partnership with us.  We are asking the Lord to fill you with faith, hope, and especially love (1 Cor. 13:13) this year.  Thank you for believing in us, praying for us, and partnering with us.  You are faithful friends.

December started out with a flurry.  Michelle served as a trainer in the Leadership Matters Course (wetrainleaders.org) at Camp Nakamun (NW of Edmonton, AB).  It was coooold on the outside, but warm and full of life inside the camp facilities.  She was part of a multicultural team in giving leadership training to 32 leaders and pastors from many countries.

IMG_1392Version 2

The rest of December held lots of family get togethers, friend dinners and visits, and some down time to relax.  Michelle has struggled with some health issues since her December 18th chemo treatment.  We would appreciate prayers for her health and wholeness, as well as wisdom for doctors to determine what the underlying issue(s) is.

January began with a fair bit of time in the office (catching up from taking time off at the end of December :0).  Murray started another semester of classes at UBC Okanagan, where he is a grad student.  January is a month of planning for the year, working on projects, and touching base with our teams.  It has been a good month for all of those things.

Murray made a quick trip down to Mexico City to spend time with the BridgeWay North American School board.  We are in search of a new director as our current director’s contract comes up at the end of June.  If you are interested, you can check it out here.  He also had a chance to meet with our team leaders for Mexico and Cuba.


Thank you for starting this year with us.  We are heading to Winnipeg this weekend, so if you are in that area we will be speaking at Kilcona Park Alliance Church at 9:15am and 11:00am on Sunday, February 10.

Please check out our bio page here.  If you are interested in becoming part of our weekly prayer team please send us a note to suncrd@gmail.com.  And if you are interested in partnering with us financially you can click here.  Thank you for taking the time to meet up with us here on the blog.

Murray & Michelle

October/November 2018 Update

Hello Family & Friends,

We trust that all is well in your lives.  You are wonderful partners in this adventure of life that holds so much good and so much hard stuff all bundled together.  We appreciate your willingness to come by the blog once in a while and keep up with the things that God is doing in us and through us.

These have been unusually full months in our lives.  Murray has spent much energy on  studies at UBC Okanagan where he is taking some graduate studies (while working the office).  Michelle continues to do the bulk of the travel this fall.

Michelle returned from Mexico City, Orlando, Mar del Plata (Argentina), and Paraguay on October 3.  She was able to accomplish a lot in that 2 1/2 week trip and saw God move in some unusual and amazing ways.


Fall in the Okanagan is beautiful.  It was also Canadian Thanksgiving and we enjoyed some great family time together.  It is great to have our whole family living within 45 minutes of each other between Vernon and Kelowna.  This is a treat for us after so many years living in other countries.  We didn’t expect our kids to live close.

ITA Leader Summit Bangkok 2018

One of our great privileges is to serve as trainers with the Leadership Matters Course (wetrainleaders.org).  In late October we made the trek to Thailand to enjoy a leadership summit (lead trainers and trainer developers) with partners from many different organizations and from all continents.  It was a great week together.

At the beginning of November we had the privilege of attending the Canadian Pacific District Retreat in Whistler, BC.  It was a great time to reconnect with many pastor friends and to make new relationships.  This is a picture of Murray meeting with Dr. Joy Tira.  We had many significant connections that week.

Joy Tira and Murray Nov 2018

Michelle was able to travel to Mexico City in mid November.  One significant connection was with our Mandarin team in an area of Mexico City called Santa Fe.  Here is a pic of that neighborhood.


As always, she had many great connections with our ministry partners in that city of 22 million + people.

Wow, so much can happen in two months.  Thanks again for your prayers and partnership with us.  If you are interested in supporting us financially please follow this link.  We appreciate each prayer that is said for us and the ministry God has given us in different places.

Send us a note through the comments section on this page, or ask a question.  We would be happy to respond.

Murray & Michelle

September 2018 Update

Dear Family & Friends,

September was a very full month with lots of travel and adventure.  Take a walk through the month with us.


The first week of September was preparing for Karen’s (Michelle’s sister) Celebration of Life that was held on September 7.  It was a good day of remembering and spending time with family.  We will miss her.

During that same week we had long time friends, Pepe & Adriana Rivadeneyra, from Guadalajara, Mexico, join us in Kelowna.  In between funeral prep we did some exploring with them…

The next week we were to be off to Mexico City to host our global ministries leadership team (GMLT), but Michelle’s flights were delayed a few days as Mattea spent three afternoons in the hospital dealing with the combination of mononucleosis and strep throat.  Thankfully she is doing much better and only missed one week of school (second year nursing at UBC Okanagan).  Michelle was able to catch up to Murray and the GMLT in Mexico City.  Here are some pics from that adventure.


From Mexico, Michelle traveled on to Missio Nexus for a conference attended by other CMA Canada leaders and mission organizations from all over North America.

That was followed by a very adventurous trip down to Mar del Plata (no space to go into details, but she had to deal with a country-wide strike in Argentina upon arrival and ended up taking an Uber from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata).  This was a meeting with the Alliance World Fellowship/Latin America where leaders from across Central/South America and the Caribbean came together.

If that wasn’t enough adventure, Michelle also made her way over to Paraguay to visit the Samuel House team there.  This was a divine appointment and God met all of them in those days together.


And, while Michelle was on the road this month, Murray stayed home to work on graduate studies at UBC Okanagan and run the regional office.  It is nice to enjoy the colours in Canada this fall.


Thank you again for joining us on this walk through September.  Continue to pray for Mattea’s health, for strength for October’s adventures, for health for all of us, and for the least reached in Latin America that still need to hear about God’s incredible love.

Murray & Michelle

August 2018 Update

Hello Friends & Family,

We say it every time, and we will say it again, thank you for following us, praying for us, and supporting us in so many ways.  We are privileged to work together with you, representing you in Latin America and the Caribbean.

One of our yearly highlights is being involved in the Leadership Matters Course.  This is an opportunity to do a 12 day intensive leadership course for leaders from different countries and organizations.  August 12-25 was that opportunity in Spanish, with 38 leaders from 14 countries involved.  Murray was able to be a part of this effort, Michelle will be a part of the course in Canada in December 2018.

Equipo CLI 2018

Trainer Team from 9 different countries.

CLI 2018

One of the biggest things on our hearts over these past five months has been Michelle’s sister Karen’s journey towards her passing from this life to the next.  Many of you have followed her journey on Facebook.  Karen “graduated” on August 31, 2018.  Click here for more information on her life.

Our biggest family news this fall is that we are all living in the Okanagan, for the first time in 9 years (we “split up” in the summer of 2009).  Mitch & Lauren, along with Mikaela are living on M&L’s new farm in Vernon.  Myles and Mattea are living with us in our home in Kelowna.  Here is our latest family pic…

M Derksen Family Sep 2018

Names (left to right):  Murray, Mikaela, Michelle, Lauren, Mitch, Janice, Myles, and Mattea in front :0).

Thanks again for standing with us.  If you want to become part of our weekly prayer team (with a commitment of one hour of prayer a week – we supply up-to-date requests weekly) please contact us by leaving a comment on this page.  You can follow this link to partner with us in giving.  Let us know if you have any questions about which account to give to.

Murray & Michelle


July 2018 Update

Greetings family & friends,

Thank you for remembering us this month.  It has been another full one.

We are so thankful for our home valley, the Okanagan.  As many of you know, we are living here because of some health issues that Michelle needs taken care of here in BC.  It is from here that we travel to/from Latin America.  God has been so gracious to us.


One perk about traveling south is that we can stop along the way and have a holiday.  We enjoyed a week at the Pacific Ocean, which was so restful and much needed.


From there we had the privilege of being with our teammates from Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, and Paraguay.  We had a great time at a hotel in the mountains outside of Mexico City (Cuernavaca).  Mark & Cheryl Buchanan were our speakers and led us in asking Jesus to touch our eyes again.  The West Life church in Calgary provided the music, youth, and children pieces of the retreat.  Here are some pictures…

IMG_0199IMG_7547IMG_0157IMG_6434IMG_8109IMG_1443IMG_8654Mexico CTR 2018 Group Picture (3 MP)

One special treat was to have some of our intercessors with us.  These ladies pray at least an hour a week (along with others in Canada and the US) for these international workers and the Sun Region.  It was great to have Shirley, Jeanette, and Eleanor with us for the retreat week.


We made an excursion to Taxco one afternoon.  Mexico has so many amazing places…


We were home for a couple days, then headed to Manitoba.  We got to spend a few hours with Bruce & Nancy Adams (lead pastor of our seamless link church – Kilcona Park Alliance).  We also got to spend a few hours with Rick & Susan Kilbrai and family, international workers who have just landed back in Canada from Mexico City for their one year of home assignment).


Then we spent the weekend at a family wedding down in Morden.  It is so good to be back to our prairie roots (Murray was born in Morden and Michelle in Regina).


We are now home for a week before heading to El Salvador for the Leadership Matters Course in Spanish where we will both be training for almost 3 weeks in August.

Thanks for joining us for this mid summer update on what is happening in our lives.


Murray & Michelle Derksen

*for more information and for donation options please visit our bio page.


June 2018 Update

Dear family & friends,

Thank you for your ongoing partnership with us.  It is a joy to have you follow us, pray for us, and support us in this adventure that we are on.  We appreciate you a LOT.

Here is a brief recap of the past months.

March was a month of meetings in Toronto where CMA Canada leaders gather each year to talk through the big issues.  We are thrilled with what is happening with our Alliance family across Canada and around the world.

March is also birthday month in the extended Derksen family.  March 6 (our brother Rob’s birthday) came and went with both sad and happy memories (Rob died in May 2017).  Then we had the chance to celebrate Mom Derksen’s 83rd birthday as a family.

Mid March took Murray to Mexico City for board meetings with TeachBeyond Mexico and the BridgeWay North American School.  Mexico City is a thriving metropolis of 22 million (plus) people.

After Mexico City Murray traveled on to Guadalajara (where we lived from 1993-2001) for some more meetings.  It was good to reconnect with many people during that time.

We finished March with some meetings in Canmore, AB.  What a great time with leaders from BC to Manitoba, in a very nice setting…

Easter weekend is always an enjoyable family time.  Michelle’s custom is to make pasa (Easter bread), and she usually makes enough to share…

The annual Easter egg hunt is still enjoyed by our adult kids, relatives, and friends…

April held some unique experiences.  We met with our Venezuela team for a couple days at the beginning of the month.  Please continue to pray for those in Venezuela during this very challenging season in their history.

We were also able to make a trip to Cuba and Mexico City with the leadership team that we work with in Latin America.  Dr. Charles Nienkirchen was our teacher/guide as we walked through the streets of Havana and then Mexico City learning about the history of the conquistadores and the religion that they brought with them.  We learned a lot about how those events of 500 year ago continue to impact today.  Here are some snapshots of those 10 days together.


Mexico City…

Michelle carried on to Guadalajara to do training in conflict awareness and management with the seminary there…

April also saw us start another journey – Michelle’s sister Karen Braun’s return of ovarian cancer.  Karen spent 3 weeks in hospital in April, returning home at the end of April knowing that this cancer will most likely take her life.  It has been a hard journey so far, but not one that is without hope.  We would appreciate your prayers for Karen & Doug and their family as they continue to walk this uncertain road…

May started with a trip to Victoria on Vancouver Island where Michelle was taking a course…

We had some of our colleagues join us in Kelowna in May (Curtis & Linda Doell) prior to them heading to Paraguay this summer.  It is always good to host them and to spend extra long linger time in conversation.  The Doells lived on the same property in Costa Rica with us and we have been colleagues for 10 years.

Michelle spent 10 days in Toronto in May with the new workers heading out around the globe.  Here she is with a couple of them…


June started off with the General Assembly of the CMA in Canada.  It was an amazing time as an Alliance family, going deeper and finding out how we can go further on mission together…

After Assembly there was a reunion of the Hillsdale youth group from the early 80’s.  This was Michelle’s youth group…

Michelle also had the opportunity to to attend Soul Care in Airdrie after Assembly.  This was a deep time of learning and personal ministry.

The rest of June has been office time, with some family time mixed in there as well.

We appreciate you taking the time to visually walk through the last period of time with us.  Please comment as you like.  You can also check out our profile on the CMA website here.


Murray & Michelle


February 2018 Update

Dear Friends & Family,

We trust that 2018 has started well for you.  Thank you for your love, prayers, and support of what we are called to do.  We appreciate the time you take to read these updates and to say a prayer while you do :0).

Here is some news since our last update.

Just before the Christmas break Murray was able to go to a main island in the Caribbean and spend some time with leaders there.  It was good to see what God continues to do in that land.  We are hearing really cool community stories of what is happening through relief efforts since the hurricane as these leaders and churches reach out.

That was the last trip of the year.  We took some time to rest and spend time with family over the Christmas holidays.  It was great to get together with them all and have some fun together.

January started with a couple weeks of admin (catching up from being off) and then we were off to Chile.  We had been invited by the CMA Chile missions director, Jorge Barra.

First we spent time at their annual missions camp which had 98 people in attendance from Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Chile.

Then we were able to see a bit of Chile before the next event… What an amazing country.

We were invited to be the devotional and mission speakers for their annual CMA gathering.  It was a special event with some 320 pastors and delegates attending.

We even got to spend a few hours with a close colleague of ours, Tim Wendel, from the CMA US.  That was an unexpected pleasure.

We had a brief stop in Kelowna to do laundry, greet family, repack, and get back on the road.

Thank you again for following what God is doing in and through us.  We appreciate it.  If you want to know how to partner with us more formally please visit our bio page on the CMA website here.

Late Fall 2017 Update

Dear Family & Friends,

Well, it has been another full season of life.  We invite you to join us for a few pics and stories of what has been happening in our lives since mid October.


We made our first ever trip to Spain mid October.  We met up with some CMA leaders from Chile, stayed with some CMA US friends in Madrid, and spent some time with leaders from around Europe and the Middle East.


It was great to get to know the CMA Spain president and his wife, Juan Zuñiga.  A new partnership was forged between CMA Chile and CMA Spain.


We took a train ride down to Alicante, with Jorge and Felipe from Chile, and spent some time with Ernie & Marilyn Klassen (not pictured), and visited some sites for potential ministry partnership together.


Upon returning to the central part of Spain we joined a regional meeting in the area of Segovia.  Pictured are CMA presidents for Spain, Chile, and Ecuador, Chile’s missions director, along with the missions director for Spain and CMA Global (AWF) president Jura Yanagihara.


On our way from Spain we had a short layover in Athens en route to Cairo, Egypt.  These are the parliament buildings in Athens.


Our time in Cairo was significant in many ways.  For us it was a return home to many sites, smells, and sounds of the place that was our home from 2004-2008.  This visit to the cave church with our Chilean friends was memorable.


We stopped in at Maadi Community School for a quick visit.  Michelle was on the board of this school and both of our daughters, Mikaela and Mattea, were classmates there for four years.


We also made a quick stop at the old campus of the American University in Cairo (AUC) where Murray is an alumni having studied Arabic there 2004/2005.

IMG_6097 (1)

We made a stop at the Giza Pyramids and were amazed once again at the amount of history in this ancient country.


Another stop took us to a hospital where these ladies teach nursing.  They are brave workers.

IMG_6062 (1)

On an outing, we stopped at the grave of Oswald Chambers (author of My Utmost for His Highest).  His headstone is the one right in the middle.  Amazing that a man of 43 had such an impact on the Christian world globally.

It was good to be back in Cairo and to see our Chilean friends catch a vision for this part of the world.


On our way home we spent a day with our dear friends from Cairo, Mark & Felicity Jaffrey, who are staying at All Nations College in the UK.  It was so good to catch up, especially having just been in Egypt and rehearsing so many memories.  Some friendships last a lifetime.


We got home to a beautiful fall season in the Okanagan.


And within a day other close friends from Cairo visited us in Kelowna – Don & Mary Butler.  We are not sure why Cairo has played such a key role in our fall but we are thankful for the memories and for the way that God has used, and continues to use, Cairo as a place to inspire others to a deeper walk with Him and to greater impact.


Within a week we were back on the plane and headed to Venezuela to spend some time with our team there.  The Hieberts and Kelly Dyer are special people who have been sticking it out in that country even though this is a very tough season for our Venezuelan friends.


While Murray and Chris met with the national church leaders, Michelle had an opportunity to spend time with the pastor’s wives at a half day retreat.  It was great to minister to these ladies whose role has become more and more challenging.

IMG_6189 (1)

From Venezuela we headed a few miles north into the Caribbean, stopping in Aruba to spend a couple days with our CMA colleagues there.  Gabriel & Iris Li pastor the Aruba Alliance Church which is predominantly a Chinese congregation.  Here we are having some interesting authentic Chinese food with the leadership team of the church (two of whom are new believers).


Gabriel & Iris Li have spent just over a decade starting a movement among the Chinese in Aruba.


Our next stop was Quito, Ecuador to visit Rich & Lisa Brown.  They have the small vision of reaching the 300 million youth of Latin America!  And they are well on their way to seeing significant progress through many avenues, including Inca Link.


Part of the visit included a day with the missions committe for CMA Ecuador, which includes their president, David Muthre, their Missions Director, Cecibel, and two key pastors from Ecuador.  This is another CMA national church that is becoming highly motivated in reaching the least reached globally.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 2.11.01 PM

Finally this month we celebrate the fact that Michelle has finished her certification in Conflict Resolution and Third Party Mediation from the Justice Institute of BC.  This has been a three year process.  Just this morning she used her knowledge to train the staff at one of the Okanagan Alliance churches.


And now it is time for December.  Murray has one more trip to Mexico and Cuba (Dec 9-15) and then we will take some time to rest from a very full fall.  We want to take this time to bless each of you with Emmanuel’s amazing presence in your lives during this holiday season when we remember His first coming, and anticipate His next coming.

Murray & Michelle

P.S.  Please check out our profile with the CMA to read more about us and to support us in prayer and giving.

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