Into a New Season

Derksen PrayerNet February 2012

Dear Family & Friends,

Greetings to you from Costa Rica.  Since our return from a good rest at the beginning of the year (see previous post) we have had a full schedule.  We had some of our team here with us for a long weekend.  Curtis & Tricia and their boys work in the Caribbean doing micro enterprise work and related ministries.  It was a joy to have them with us for a few days.

Curtis & Tricia with boys and our adopted cat

We travelled to Aruba at the end of January to visit Gabriel & Iris Li.  They planted the Aruba Alliance Church there and have just returned from 6 months in Canada.  It was great to get caught up with them and to spend lots of time chatting about many different aspects of the work there and their personal lives.

Murray & Michelle in Aruba (Caribbean Sea behind us 🙂

This month is a month of people coming our way.  We have had Bryon Butler of CAMA Services stay with us already.  The regional director from the U.S. CMA as well as the Assistant VP will be coming for a few days next week.  At the end of the month we have a pastor from Alberta coming to stay for a few days as well.  We enjoy having the guest house active and meeting many new people.

One of our highlights every week is our “gathering” or house church.  We have such amazing conversations focused around the person of Jesus and his teachings and the core values that he taught that are so applicable to life today.

Gathering Sunday Morning - having some fun after discussion

We will be in the Toronto area for meetings with our other global leaders from February 28 to March 8.  We always look forward to time with our colleagues (and boss :)).  It is always a challenge to go from Costa Rica summer to Ontario winter but it is only for 10 days a winter.

Please remember these prayer items:

  1. Pray for really good meetings with our U.S. partners February 21-23.  This will be our first face to face with the new U.S. CMA regional director.  We will discuss the many partnerships we have together throughout the region.
  2. Pray for our Sunday morning house church – that it will continue to be alive and that Jesus will make himself known every time.
  3. Pray for our trip to Toronto and the time spent with our colleagues.  Pray for our girls who will stay here in Costa with Curtis & Linda Doell.
  4. Pray for our Chinese workers and churches in Panama City.  Last week three youth who were on their way to the annual English camp were in an accident.  Two died and the third is still bleeding internally.  Pray for their families as most of them are not believers.

We really appreciate your faithful prayers for us, your friendship, and the ongoing relationship we have with you.

Murray & Michelle, Mikaela & Mattea Derksen

Canadian Regional Developers

Caribbean Sun Region (Latin America & the Caribbean)

CMA Canada

2 thoughts on “Into a New Season

Add yours

  1. God bless your ministry. We grieve with you for the
    families of the young people killed in an accident.
    May God bring good out of this, even though to us
    it is such a tragedy.
    Blessings and praying for you,
    Peter & Mary Derksen

  2. Ohhhh! That beach looks so inviting! Great to hear from you guys and miss you!

    Life on this end (Calgary) is crazy busy. I just did a four-day spiritual direction training retreat which was great.

    A team from FAC heads to Nicaragua this weekend and we did the commissioning this evening.

    Blessings on you guys,

    Craig Bundy

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