Graduation Day

Dear Family & Friends,

It seems that in international schools there is a lot of significance given to moments of change.  For example, Middle School Graduation for Mikaela (finishing 8th Grade and heading to 9th means going from middle to high school) was a big event with ceremony and awards and certificates and a BIG party all evening until midnight last night (this parent is not bemoaning driving at midnight :))

There are times that we need to celebrate significant marker moments, and for our daughter Mikaela this was one of those moments.

We are looking at celebrating another significant event but with our teammates from all over Latin America and the Caribbean.  Our Sun Regional Retreat  begins on June 18th and it is the first time all the Sun workers will come together in a regional event.  In preparation for that retreat we start this Saturday with our Team Leaders and a few other guests.  On Monday the rest of our teammates come to retreat from Monday to Friday.  We are really looking forward to the time.  The Vernon Alliance Church are providing the ministry team.

Then we head to Winnipeg for the General Assembly of the CMA where we will be with colleagues from across Canada and from around the globe.  That will be another significant connecting time and we are looking forward to that.  From Winnipeg we head to Kelowna for our son Myles’ wedding to Meagan Ritz on July 21.  This will be a joyful event for us as a family and we are really looking forward to it.  We will be on the road most of the summer speaking in churches and meeting with people in Canada.  We will squeeze a week of holiday in there so we can soak up some Okanagan summer (hopefully :)).

Thank you for remembering us in prayer throughout this summer of significant people connections and travel.

Murray & Michelle, Mikaela & Mattea

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  1. Congratulations Mikaela – you are so beautiful and I’m so very proud of you.!! I love the rest of you too. Looking forward to seeing you all in Kelowna in July. I love you so much! (I love you more) love grandma Marianne

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