Caribbean Sun Regional Retreat

Dear Family & Friends,
We have had a full summer and want to give you some updates.  So, we will do it piece by piece.

One of the highlights of June was the Caribbean Sun Regional Retreat held in Mexico.  This was the first time that we had all of our CMA Canada (those serving in Latin America and the Caribbean) team members together in one place, with families, ever!  It was an amazing time.  The ministry team from Vernon Alliance Church (McKnight, Buller, Kinniburgh) was amazing!  We had on the ground intercessors from Peace Portal Alliance Church (Kinnie).  We had 2 days of prayer ahead of time with our Team Leaders from the various teams plus some, which set the stage for a deep and wonderful time together.  In total, we were about 90 people.  The facility and service was great.  The presence of God was evident.  We are already looking forward to the next time that we will all be together.

Here are some pictures from the week…

The whole gang!

Youth activities.
Groups of three.

Vernon ministry team.


Early morning prayer time.

Talking – lots of talking.


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  1. This is really the third blog post, of yours I personally went through.
    Yet I love this one, “Caribbean Sun Regional Retreat M&M Derksen” the most.

    Cya ,Madeline

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