September 2012 with M&M

Dear Family & Friends,

Thanks for the various ways that you stand behind us in our calling.  We would appreciate your prayers for us in the coming weeks:

September 7-9 we will both be in Venezuela speaking at the annual CMA Pastors’ Retreat.  This will all be done in Spanish of course and we would really like the Holy Spirit to manifest himself this coming weekend in a variety of ways.  Pray also for the ability to express His heart in Spanish.

September 10-13 we will be meeting with our CMA Canada team in Caracas to pray, talk through strategy, and just spend some time together.

September 17-21 Murray will be in Nicaragua for the Central American CMA Congress.  Pray for safety as he travels by bus from Costa with the pastors from here.

Below is a family picture.  When we are with our kids (like this summer) we love to go to A&W in Canada.  This is our last family date before Meagan joined the family.


Family date at A&W

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  1. Nice Family picture guys – it’s funny that it was taken at A&W – because when Bob & Michelle come home they always have to go A&W because they say “there is nothing like it in the states” – keep sending pictures – it so nice to see you altogether – and I am sure you like it as well – because it doesn’t happen all the time – Linda

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