Derksen Early Summer Update

Life is a journey. It often takes twists and turns that we don’t anticipate. Last week we were on a plane over the Pacific Ocean, on our way back to Kelowna. We had just spent 5 days closing out our house in Costa Rica – another emotional transition begins.

This turn in the journey still has numerous uncertainties, but we know the One who goes before us! As you may remember, 12 years ago Michelle had a brain tumor. After surgery the levels that are used to determine the tumor’s activity never went back to normal; so all these years she has, along with her specialist, been monitoring those levels. In February this year, after normal blood work, we discovered that her levels had risen significantly. She saw her specialist in April and it was decided that she would need to begin life long drug therapy to control the tumor growth. It will take too long to figure out all the details of that to be able to move back to Latin America this summer, so we will continue to do our job from Canada for now. Last Thursday Michelle had her second treatment. We are praying that it will do what it needs to and that her body and this medicine will become really good friends.

The day before her first treatment, she read a verse from Matthew that says; “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” It has been a good reminder to stay in the now, because God promises to supply all we need in the now of this journey.

Here are a few highlights of the last few weeks:

SunChinFF14We spent time with our Chinese team mates in Panama.  We have works in Jamaica, Aruba, Venezuela, Panama, El Salvador, and Guatemala that our Chinese team care for.

Venezuela Retreat 2014

From Panama we went down to Venezuela and had a great retreat with our growing Caracas team.  This also is a great group of people committed to seeing transformation happen in the capital city.


After a couple weeks at home (when Michelle had her first treatment) we headed to Mexico for the national church Assembly.  We then had a 4 day Strategic Team Review of the work in Mexico City.  Pictured above is the review team that did a great job interviewing people for those 4 days.  We got some great direction from our time together.

As mentioned above we then spent almost a week in Costa Rica closing things out.  We don’t have pics because our heads were in boxes and suitcases the whole time :0)

Fathers Day 1 Fathers Day 2

The weekend we got home was Father’s Day and these are some fun pics in the foyer of Vernon Alliance Church with two of the most special young ladies on the PLANET!

PensonThis week we had some friends visit (team leaders in the Caribbean) for a couple days.  We spent one morning on a walk in the hills behind our house.


OkanaganAnd this is the beautiful Okanagan where we get to spend the next year :0)

Thanks for taking time to follow our journey.

Murray & Michelle




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  1. God has done some amazing things in and through your lives, I’m sure that even though your journey has taken a bit of a different direction right now, He will continue to use you along this turn in the road.. Praying that Michele will do well in her treatment and that healing will come. Be encouraged He know the plans He has for you.

  2. Great to hear this update guys! Sorry to hear about Michelle’s health issues not going the way we would all like, but trusting that God has it all in hand and knows the end from the beginning! Will remember you all in prayer!

  3. Dear Michelle,

    I think I missed reading your last update – but so glad I caught this one…

    I am so sorry to hear about your tumour, I will be praying that the drug is very successful and that the tumour responds above and beyond what is expected.

    Looks like we will soon be “closing out” our place in Israel, so I have an understanding of just how much that involves, emotionally as well as physically. In fact, the stress of it (obviously I have not achieved sainthood yet!) sometimes keeps me awake at night, which is a mixed blessing because it’s become a great time to pray. J I will pray that you will be given rest and peace in the weeks ahead.

    I hope I will see you again at a reunion or something in the future….

    Big hugs,


  4. Thanks for the interesting and inspiring newsletter. I remember when Michelle had a brain tumor way back.

    We prayed for her then, and were encouraged that God gave healing and you were able to continue your

    Mission work. May God give healing again.

    My Peter has Parkinsons which marches relentlessly onward. He also has spinal headache, which is very severe

    At times, and not even morphine helps. The 2 blood patches the doctor tried didn’t work. He also had an

    Emergency operation 2 years ago when an ulcer perforated his duodenum, and still deals with angina. Had

    4-bypass open heart surgery in Japan in 1997. God gives grace one day at a time.

    We cannot entertain any more, but If your travels should take you to the Fraser Valley, do stop in for a short

    Visit. Our telephone is: 604-504-4459


    Mary Derksen

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