December 2015 Update

Dear Friends & Family,

We trust that this preparation time for Advent is a special time for you and your family.  It is a time to prepare because He has promised to come again, in His perfect timing, just like the first time:  “But when the right time came, God sent his Son, born of a woman…” (Gal. 4:4).  The “right time” may be soon.

Here are a few photo updates:

We ended our last update at the end of August at Iguazu Falls on the tri border of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.  That was a spectacular place.



Fall in the Okanagan is birthday time for Mattea (9/23) and Murray (9/28).  The colors in Canada are inspiring.


A week in Peru was exciting.  Murray got to preach in a church there and attend the pastors’ retreat.  Spent an afternoon visiting a mountain village high in the Lima mountains (but note quite into the Andes mountains).


In early October we were in Toronto with the CMA leadership from around the globe, as well as these special guys who give leadership to the CMA in Canada.


Canadian Thanksgiving was spent in the Okanagan with family.  That was a real treat.


October held a trip to speak at a missions conference in Colombia, then a quick trip over to neighboring Venezuela where Murray had a great time with the CMA team as well as a day spent with the CMA national leadership team.  What amazing people we work with and partner with.

IMG_3669IMG_3659IMG_3664The big event in November was the All Region Retreat in Mexico where all the CMA US and CMA Canada teams gathered, along with each country’s president couple and VP couple.  We had an amazing time in His presence.  We had another chance to honor Joseph & Helen Lee as well as partner even closer with Tim & Melanie Wendel.  It was a great week.


December took Murray to Orange County, CA, and the Saddleback church where the Finishing the Task conference was held.  It was great to meet Rick Warren, listen to Francis Chan, and catch a Ducks/Sharks game at the Honda Center.

Now, it is time for some family moments and some quiet days at home.  Thank you to so many of you for praying for us throughout the fall.  We are thrilled to see what God is doing in so many ways.

And thank you for continuing to pray for Michelle.  She continues to have treatments every 5 weeks.  The first few days after her injection are challenging, but we are thankful for His mitigating healing in her life allowing her to live a “normal” life the rest of the weeks before the next treatment.

Add a comment or write us to let us know how we can be praying for you.


2 thoughts on “December 2015 Update

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  1. Thank you Murray and Michelle. Love catching up with you. Can’t believe your beautiful growing family. So many fond memories. Will write email later! Praying Michelle!
    Hugs JD and Barb

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