October/November 2018 Update

Hello Family & Friends,

We trust that all is well in your lives.  You are wonderful partners in this adventure of life that holds so much good and so much hard stuff all bundled together.  We appreciate your willingness to come by the blog once in a while and keep up with the things that God is doing in us and through us.

These have been unusually full months in our lives.  Murray has spent much energy on  studies at UBC Okanagan where he is taking some graduate studies (while working the office).  Michelle continues to do the bulk of the travel this fall.

Michelle returned from Mexico City, Orlando, Mar del Plata (Argentina), and Paraguay on October 3.  She was able to accomplish a lot in that 2 1/2 week trip and saw God move in some unusual and amazing ways.


Fall in the Okanagan is beautiful.  It was also Canadian Thanksgiving and we enjoyed some great family time together.  It is great to have our whole family living within 45 minutes of each other between Vernon and Kelowna.  This is a treat for us after so many years living in other countries.  We didn’t expect our kids to live close.

ITA Leader Summit Bangkok 2018

One of our great privileges is to serve as trainers with the Leadership Matters Course (wetrainleaders.org).  In late October we made the trek to Thailand to enjoy a leadership summit (lead trainers and trainer developers) with partners from many different organizations and from all continents.  It was a great week together.

At the beginning of November we had the privilege of attending the Canadian Pacific District Retreat in Whistler, BC.  It was a great time to reconnect with many pastor friends and to make new relationships.  This is a picture of Murray meeting with Dr. Joy Tira.  We had many significant connections that week.

Joy Tira and Murray Nov 2018

Michelle was able to travel to Mexico City in mid November.  One significant connection was with our Mandarin team in an area of Mexico City called Santa Fe.  Here is a pic of that neighborhood.


As always, she had many great connections with our ministry partners in that city of 22 million + people.

Wow, so much can happen in two months.  Thanks again for your prayers and partnership with us.  If you are interested in supporting us financially please follow this link.  We appreciate each prayer that is said for us and the ministry God has given us in different places.

Send us a note through the comments section on this page, or ask a question.  We would be happy to respond.

Murray & Michelle

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