The End of an Era

Dear Family & Friends,

Greetings to you from Kelowna, BC. We trust that each of you are experiencing the presence of our heavenly Father, who loves us all and watches over us in so many ways.

This has been an interesting season in all of our lives. It is hard to describe the varied emotions that we have experienced in this last year. In November 2019 we had a conversation with our leadership in The Alliance Canada, letting them know that we would step down as the regional leadership couple for Latin America by June 30, 2020. Little did we know that we would go through that transition in the middle of a pandemic! They graciously gave us a one year home assignment and we have used this time to assist churches with their vision for global involvement, to work on education, and to discern what was next for us.

It has become clear to us that we are to remain in Kelowna. Michelle will pursue a more focused coaching career (with an emphasis in conflict engagement training, coaching, and mediation). Murray will pursue a PhD at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus, in September 2021. This will allow us to be close to our family and help care for some of their needs. We are also looking at the ways that we can more fully engage our own community through involvement and research.

The end of this month marks 29 years as international workers with The Alliance Canada. This career has had us living in Canada, USA, Mexico, Egypt, and Costa Rica; and traveling to many countries and falling in love with people from so many different nationalities, cultures, and languages.

Thank you for walking alongside of us in this journey. Many of you have partnered with us in so many ways – friendship, moral support, financial support, emotional support, and your prayers for us have made a difference. “Thank you” just doesn’t seem sufficient, but it is what we pass on to you – our gratitude for believing in us.

Since our last update earlier this year, we have continued to speak virtually in churches, done leadership seminars, spoken in international conferences in Spanish, mentored young leaders, led and participated in boards, coached individuals and couples, studied, done a bunch of writing on different topics, cared for family members who had need, buried Murray’s oldest brother (who died on March 8), and a host of other things. We have not been taking as many pictures as we used to (especially when we were traveling), but we share a few pics with you now…

We had a day of skiing at Big White. We love spending time with our grandson. Our latest family photo (partial) was at Murray’s brother’s burial. Fishing and time on the lakes in the Okanagan are wonderful. Mattea moved into her own apartment on May 1. We continue to do much virtually (preaching in two churches at the same time in this shot).

This ends our formal use of this blog to update you on our international worker life. If you want to stay in contact you can post a comment and pass on your e-mail address (we will not let it be posted to the website) and we will correspond with you directly through e-mail.

Murray & Michelle

12 thoughts on “The End of an Era

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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for the update and for all your years of faithful service. Really appreciate you. May the Lord go before you into this next season in your lives. Would like to have your current contact information in my phone so I can reach you if the need arises. Many blessings Paul >

  2. God has led you in the past and will continue to lead you. It was wonderful to spend some time together in Egypt. Yes, keep us posted on your comings and goings. Sounds like this next year at least will be full with studies for both of you. If thinking with Mattea moving into her own apartment that you are now empty nesters. Another new path you are walking.
    Blessings and love to each of you! Mora

  3. Wow, grace to you as you begin a new chapter of your journey with our King. Love to keep in touch.

  4. Yes, truly the end of an era and what a privilege to join in your journey across the miles and over the years! starting with you in Quesnel as youth pastor couple and on around the world! but the end of one era is the beginning of another however different it may be and we know you will be His lights wherever you are! please keep us on your prayer friend list!! much love from the Leas

  5. Much love and appreciation for sharing your lives, passions and skills with all of the Alliance family. Praying God’s best for you as you keep serving in different ways.

  6. You guys are epic!…never mind your splendid family. You have had significant impact and influence on our lives, not to mention helping bless our home with Mexican pottery, Egyptian alabaster… and memories of rich times together in a variety of locales…looking forward to the next occasion. Blessings and Presence be yours…from the Giver of great gifts

  7. It is amazing to hear what God is doing in and through you both, and your family – and to have been able to witness so much of it! Continuing to pray for you as you study and prepare for next steps. Nuestra casa siempre será su casa! :0) Please keep us posted – you have our email. :0)

  8. It has been a blessing and a privilege to visit you on the field, to share a meal at a conference, or when you were in the neighborhood. You have encouraged and blessed Darlene and me and we will continue to pray. Please keep us in the info loop 😎

  9. It has been a blessing to keep up with you since we connected in Cairo in 04-05, and to keep up with your travels since. It is great to see God’s faithfulness to you all and I wish you the best in the next chapter. Would love to stay in touch. Will pray for your family. Josh

  10. So happy to hear you entering a new era in your lives, as you have honoured God in you many years and beyond in ministry and friendships, He will honour you! We have many happy memories from Kilcona days and we cherish them. May God’s blessings be over you with health and happiness! enjoy you times with your families! ♥️

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