March 2016 Update

Here is a bit of an update from the Derksens in the last couple months.


Winter in the Okanagan is short, but it sure is beautiful where we get to base ourselves these days.


Some special guests came in for Miki’s 18th birthday in January.  It is pretty hard to get a straight-faced photo from this family.


We get to work with some pretty special people in the Leadership Matters Course (  The Spanish trainer team spent 5 days together in January to finalize the details of the translation.  We go to Lima, Peru in May to offer the first full LMC in Spanish!

As a bonus, while in Florida for LMC, we got to spend time with the Bernie Petrescue clan.  What a great re-connection with dear family.


For Valentine’s Day Michelle was in Cuba with a teammate there and Murray was with the girls at home.  This was the girls’ gift to Murray.  Pretty special gift from Purdys.


Michelle got to spend some time on the island of Cuba where she was able to help do some leadership training for key women.


She also got to spend time in Mexico City with some of our projects there, and time with the Alliance Pray Team that was there doing some significant intercession.


Our son Mitch (wife Lauren) moved to Doha, Qatar in January and we were able to go and see their new place and new world in February for a holiday.  Our first full evening was spent at the Souk (market) and it made us feel like we were back in Egypt.


In fact our first meal was Egyptian – kosheri, falafel, and chicken schwarma.


The architecture in Doha is stunning, and more construction cranes in one city that we have seen ever.


There is even a Tim Hortons in Doha.


The newer Katara Cultural area of Doha is like being in Rome when it was first built.


It was wonderful to hang with our son and daughters (Lauren is there for a visit now but moves there this June with Mitch – she has some music teaching contracts to fulfill first).


There are many mosques, but this one by the souk was pretty spectacular, especially with a full moon as the backdrop.


Even the malls are like mini cities inside air conditioned buildings.


Mitch’s office name plate at his office.


The trip to the Islamic Museum of the Arts was pretty special.  See our Facebook page for many more images.


We spent half a day at the Singing Sand Dunes – it was pretty spectacular!

IMG_4070Once again, the architecture is very creative.

GMLT Mar 2016

March always includes a trip to Toronto where we meet with many Alliance leaders from across Canada and around the world.  This is our global team, the one we get to do life with.  What a great group of people to work with.


We enjoy sitting at the table with these leaders from the Alliance in Canada.

Thanks for walking through these last couple months with us.

December 2015 Update

Dear Friends & Family,

We trust that this preparation time for Advent is a special time for you and your family.  It is a time to prepare because He has promised to come again, in His perfect timing, just like the first time:  “But when the right time came, God sent his Son, born of a woman…” (Gal. 4:4).  The “right time” may be soon.

Here are a few photo updates:

We ended our last update at the end of August at Iguazu Falls on the tri border of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.  That was a spectacular place.



Fall in the Okanagan is birthday time for Mattea (9/23) and Murray (9/28).  The colors in Canada are inspiring.


A week in Peru was exciting.  Murray got to preach in a church there and attend the pastors’ retreat.  Spent an afternoon visiting a mountain village high in the Lima mountains (but note quite into the Andes mountains).


In early October we were in Toronto with the CMA leadership from around the globe, as well as these special guys who give leadership to the CMA in Canada.


Canadian Thanksgiving was spent in the Okanagan with family.  That was a real treat.


October held a trip to speak at a missions conference in Colombia, then a quick trip over to neighboring Venezuela where Murray had a great time with the CMA team as well as a day spent with the CMA national leadership team.  What amazing people we work with and partner with.

IMG_3669IMG_3659IMG_3664The big event in November was the All Region Retreat in Mexico where all the CMA US and CMA Canada teams gathered, along with each country’s president couple and VP couple.  We had an amazing time in His presence.  We had another chance to honor Joseph & Helen Lee as well as partner even closer with Tim & Melanie Wendel.  It was a great week.


December took Murray to Orange County, CA, and the Saddleback church where the Finishing the Task conference was held.  It was great to meet Rick Warren, listen to Francis Chan, and catch a Ducks/Sharks game at the Honda Center.

Now, it is time for some family moments and some quiet days at home.  Thank you to so many of you for praying for us throughout the fall.  We are thrilled to see what God is doing in so many ways.

And thank you for continuing to pray for Michelle.  She continues to have treatments every 5 weeks.  The first few days after her injection are challenging, but we are thankful for His mitigating healing in her life allowing her to live a “normal” life the rest of the weeks before the next treatment.

Add a comment or write us to let us know how we can be praying for you.


Fall 2015 Update

Dear Friends & Family,

Here is an update (long overdue) from the Derksens.  We will walk you through some snippets from the last few months.

IMG_2789 - Version 2

In February we had an amazing week of meetings in Canmore (Three Sisters above) with Canadian leaders and the regional leadership team that we get to work with in Latin America (all seen below).  We had a special week of encounter with the Holy Spirit.  Wow!

HSE Group Photo

GMLT 2015

Meeting with the Global Ministries Leadership Team is always a privilege.  These are people who really understand us as they give leadership to other regions of the world.  What a great team to be a part of.

Costa Rica Retreat 2 Costa Rica Retreat

A few weeks later we were in Costa Rica for a retreat with our language students and team mates.  It was good to be “home” again in Costa.  We miss living there, but are thankful that the work there continues.  The four boys above are the Ulriksen boys and they had received Lego toys from their Venezuela colleagues.

GDN 2015 Manila

At the end of March Murray was able to be in Manila for the Global Diaspora Network meetings.  This is a group of people dedicated to reaching the 300 million people on the move (outside of their home countries) around the globe.  What a task!

Venezuela Bike

In April we made a trip to Venezuela.  This particular shot was just too funny to not capture :0)

Legal Work Mexico City

Mexico City was also an April trip where we signed some important documents.  Not a “fun” picture but a good idea of how we spend some of our time.

LIfe Mentors

In Regina, SK, we celebrated the life of Muriel Kelly.  These two men, Eugene Kelly and Arnold Cook, have been mentors to us for well over 25 years.

LMC CR 2015

In May we were back in Costa Rica for the Leadership Matters Course (  It was great to work with our CMA and LMC colleagues.  This is some of the best leadership skills training out there!

Pents 2015

We also got to reunite with some close friends – Joe & Lori Pent :0)  Our Costa family.

Kelowna View Kelowna View 2

We were able to spend a couple weeks at home in June.  Kelowna is not a bad place to base from.


Later in June we were back in Canmore, AB to meet up with our Global team once again.  What a beautiful place both in the winter and summer.

Moms 80th

We celebrated Murray’s mom’s 80th birthday at the beginning of July (her birthday was in March but we couldn’t get the family together until summer :0).

Golf Friends Bike Trip Bike Trip 2

In July we took some holidays and Murray had a chance to ride with both of his sons.

Calgary August

At the beginning of August we were in Calgary for the Home Ministry Seminar for the international workers coming back to Canada for a season.  Well, this was their Canadian welcome – in August!

Bolivia CLA Paraguay Team Tri Country View Iguazu Falls

The end of August held another trip to Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Mexico City.  In the evening picture above, we are standing in Brazil, Paraguay are the lights to the right, and Argentina is the lights to the left.  Quite the convergence.  The waterfalls are the Iguazu Falls – known as one of the seven wonders of the world.

Man Fix It Mug

Some people ask us how we can live a “normal” life with so much travel.  Well, let’s just say that this mug helps to inform Michelle about the Murray projects around the house :0).

Thanks for taking some time to go for a ride with us.  We will bring an update soon.

2015 New Year Update

Dear Friends & Family,

Well, the last few months have been rather eventful. We will give you a little snipit from each month.

July had us in Ottawa for the National Assembly of the CMA in Canada. Michelle made her first steps in Quebec while we were there (the farthest east in this rather large country of Canada for her). We also had an amazing time with colleagues from across Canada and around the world. Probably the best Assembly we have ever attended.
Ottawa 2014Ottawa from Quebec 2014

August held some holidays and a motorcycle trip for Murray and our son Mitch.

Motorcycles 2014

August was also a significant month as Murray went with a few other Canadian leaders to Ecuador to be part of the second all region (Latin America) missions conference for the CMA.  It was held in Quito…

Quito 2014

We had a chance to hang with George Verwer (Operation Mobilization)…

Verwer 2014

As well as spend some time at the middle of the world…

Ecuador 2014

At the end of August we had the privilege of seeing Mattea baptized in the Okanagan Lake (Vernon, BC end).  This was a picture of the lake before the baptism…

Baptism Mattea 2014

September was a really special month as we traveled to Germany for a Leadership Matters training course.  We were able to take Miki and Matty with us and we had a wonderful time together.  Here is some news from that trip.  We started in Germany for the course, then made our way down to Heidelberg…

Heidelberg 2014

We were able to speak in a church on that Sunday, and they had a special prayer time for Michelle…

Germany Pray 2014

We got to spend time in a number of Germany towns, including Mosbach…

Mosbach 2014

From southern Germany we spent a day in France.  This is a small town that is likened to Venice…

France 2014

And here is a family portrait taken in France…

France2 2014

And some of the countryside in France…

France3 2014

Next we spent some time in Switzerland…

Switzerland2 2014 Switzerland3 2014 Switzerland4 2014

Of which the girls’ favorite part was the Swiss cows that would just walk up to us while hiking in the Swiss Alps…

Switzerland 2014

We then made our way to England…

England4 2014

Where we saw some ancient sites…

England 2014

And some “ancient” friends from Cairo (Matchams)…

England2 2014

As well as some Middle Earth friends from New Zealand (Evan & Janice McKain)…

England3 2014

October found us in Toronto again to meet with the CMA Canada leadership.  We also made our way to Mexico and then to Cuba.  Here is a downtown shot, and then a typical Cuban car…

Cuba 2014 Cuba Car 2014

In November we ventured to Montevideo, Uruguay (a first for us) for another Leadership Matters event (in Spanish).  We had a chance to hang with our US counterparts – Timothy & Melanie Wendel…

LMC Uruguay 2014

After the week in Montevideo we had the opportunity to go to Buenos Aires, speak in a CMA church there, and spend time with some great leaders.  We got to the presidential palace (below), but didn’t meet with the president this time around :0)

Buenos Aires 2014

December held a trip to Colombia where we are working with our national church leaders from across Latin America in establishing a missions training center.  We are really excited about these possibilities (picture of gathered leaders, and some of the abundance of Colombia’s coffee region)…

Colombia Colombia2 2014

And December was a special family time as we were all together for the first time in 1 1/2 years as a family.  We felt amazingly blessed…

Christmas2 2014 Christmas3 2014 Christmas4 2014 Christmas5 2014 Christmas6 2014

Thank you for spending a few minutes with us.  May 2015 be an amazing year of new beginnings for you and your family.  Please stay tuned for more consistent updates (one of those New Year’s resolutions :0).

Murray & Michelle

Derksen Early Summer Update

Life is a journey. It often takes twists and turns that we don’t anticipate. Last week we were on a plane over the Pacific Ocean, on our way back to Kelowna. We had just spent 5 days closing out our house in Costa Rica – another emotional transition begins.

This turn in the journey still has numerous uncertainties, but we know the One who goes before us! As you may remember, 12 years ago Michelle had a brain tumor. After surgery the levels that are used to determine the tumor’s activity never went back to normal; so all these years she has, along with her specialist, been monitoring those levels. In February this year, after normal blood work, we discovered that her levels had risen significantly. She saw her specialist in April and it was decided that she would need to begin life long drug therapy to control the tumor growth. It will take too long to figure out all the details of that to be able to move back to Latin America this summer, so we will continue to do our job from Canada for now. Last Thursday Michelle had her second treatment. We are praying that it will do what it needs to and that her body and this medicine will become really good friends.

The day before her first treatment, she read a verse from Matthew that says; “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” It has been a good reminder to stay in the now, because God promises to supply all we need in the now of this journey.

Here are a few highlights of the last few weeks:

SunChinFF14We spent time with our Chinese team mates in Panama.  We have works in Jamaica, Aruba, Venezuela, Panama, El Salvador, and Guatemala that our Chinese team care for.

Venezuela Retreat 2014

From Panama we went down to Venezuela and had a great retreat with our growing Caracas team.  This also is a great group of people committed to seeing transformation happen in the capital city.


After a couple weeks at home (when Michelle had her first treatment) we headed to Mexico for the national church Assembly.  We then had a 4 day Strategic Team Review of the work in Mexico City.  Pictured above is the review team that did a great job interviewing people for those 4 days.  We got some great direction from our time together.

As mentioned above we then spent almost a week in Costa Rica closing things out.  We don’t have pics because our heads were in boxes and suitcases the whole time :0)

Fathers Day 1 Fathers Day 2

The weekend we got home was Father’s Day and these are some fun pics in the foyer of Vernon Alliance Church with two of the most special young ladies on the PLANET!

PensonThis week we had some friends visit (team leaders in the Caribbean) for a couple days.  We spent one morning on a walk in the hills behind our house.


OkanaganAnd this is the beautiful Okanagan where we get to spend the next year :0)

Thanks for taking time to follow our journey.

Murray & Michelle




Spring 2014 Update

Dear Family & Friends,

Wow, we have had a full season these past couple months.  Here are some highlights/pics for your perusal.

Nakamun 2014Most recently Murray was at Camp Nakamun (NW of Edmonton, AB) ( as a trainer in a Leadership Matters Course (  It was 16 days away from family but a great opportunity to train with some great people and to make many new relationships with leaders from China, Indonesia, Europe, Middle East, Caribbean, South America, Africa, North America, and New Zealand.

Snowshoe 2014For the first week at the course the weather was cold (like -20C at night) and the lake was completely frozen.  This offered a chance to do some snow shoeing on the lake each day for exercise.  Not often can you walk on water, but in a Canadian winter it can be the normal experience :0)

Wagon 2014On the day of solitude Murray took a long walk and found some very interesting things on the Canadian prairie.

Yahweh 2014One of those things was rediscovering the beauty and majesty of the flat part of Canada.  What a country we get to live in and be from.  Imagine walking along this road and listening to Shawn McDonald’s Yahweh.

Florida 2014Now, the contrast of the Canadian prairie and the Caribbean coast, on Sanibel Island in Florida, is rather obvious.  We had the privilege of being in Florida to meet with our CMA US counterparts for Latin America.  The US leadership team and the Canadian leadership team had a great week together.  Fred Hartley was our speaker ( for the first 3 days.  We really enjoyed the deep learning we did together as well as the great conversations.  The picture was taken from a restaurant balcony during one of our meetings.  We didn’t actually stay at the beach :0) but at the Shell Point Village Guest House (

Sun RLT 2014Here is proof that we really were working.

IMG_1465While in Florida we got to spend part of a day with some of the Petrescue gang who live in Florida (Bernie, Winn, Burt & Julie and their 4 children).  That was a real treat for us.

GMLTPrior to that we spent 8 days in the Toronto area with our global team for CMA Canada (  We have the privilege of working with a great team that gives strong leadership to our movement in Canada all around the globe.

Turkey 2014Just before arriving in Toronto Murray had the opportunity of being in Antalya, Turkey with 2 CMA Latin America leaders.  Javier Cortazar (right) serves as the Regional Coordinator for the Alliance World Fellowship/Latin America.  Mario Perez (left) is the president of CMA Peru.  We were attending a conference together to see what God is doing in Central Asia.  These were inspiring days together as we talked about what God could possibly do with Latin Americans who are willing to serve in Central Asia.

Kelowna Winter 2014And prior to Turkey?  Well, we were at home, enjoying a Canadian winter.  It gave us a chance to get up to date with correspondence and spend some time with family.

Big White 2014We were even able to spend some time at Big White, enjoying the beauty of the mountains and the thrill of sliding down them.  It gave us time to spend with our kids as well as some Manitoba relatives (Wiebe/Dalke gang).

Thanks for walking backwards with us through the last couple months.  Stay tuned for more updates.

Murray & Michelle

New Year’s Greetings to Family & Friends,

Find below some pics and stories from the last couple months.


We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving as an extended family in Kelowna in October.  It was great to have almost the whole Derksen family together.


It ended up being the last time that our family would gather with Murray’s dad present.  He had a massive heart attack on October 22 and passed into glory on November 2.  We miss him like crazy!



We had the privilege of having some meetings in Lake Louise, Alberta.  What a beautiful place.  It did our hearts good to be in such amazing creation.


In December the girls and us made a trip to Costa Rica for some meetings.  It was good to stay in “our” house in Costa.  The green scenery was a bit different than the white we left behind.


In Costa Rica we had the privilege of meeting with some great leaders in Central America (Costa Rican pastors pictured above).

Thanks for visiting our blog and keeping up with some of our comings and going.

Murray & Michelle

Summer/Fall Update

Dear Family & Friends,

It is about time for an update from the Derksens.

We left Costa Rica mid June and landed in Kelowna, BC on June 17.  We had our townhouse for sale and it sold within 2 days of us arriving home.  We bought another house in the next couple days and moved at the end of July.  It made for a whirlwind start to the summer.

Michelle walking in the forests near our new house.

One of our July highlights was our multi-team regional retreat in Mexico.  We had our teams from Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and from a Caribbean island with us.  It was a great to be together.


August had us home in Kelowna for a bit, in Calgary, in Manitoba with Kilcona Park Alliance and some time with extended family, and then back down in Costa Rica for a conference.  At a family wedding (congrats Caleb & Emily) we had some time with all of our kids.  That is always a special treat for us.

Lauren, Mitch, Miki, Myles, Meagan, Matty

September was the start of the school year for the girls.  They got settled in and then Murray & Michelle headed to Gurumdur, Turkey (about 45 minutes north of the ancient city of Ephesus).  We were there as trainers in training with the Leadership Matters Course (  It was a long but enriching trip where we were able to invest time and energy into 35 participants from 15 different countries.

We had one afternoon to visit Ephesus. This is the amphitheater from Acts 19.

Our fall is active but we are thankful to be home in Kelowna for Thanksgiving.  We will be able to see all of our kids and spend time with our families.  This is a once every 5 year chance for us to spend this particular weekend with family and we plan to cherish it.

Thanks for your love and prayers.

Murray & Michelle, Miki & Matty

May/June Update

Hey there family & friends,

It’s been just over a month since our last update and again it has been a full schedule on this side of the Americas (Costa Rica).

A key event in May was when Murray, Michelle, and Mikaela went to Venezuela for the Leadership Matters course on relationships.  Murray & Michelle were trainers (in Spanish) and Mikaela cared for the Hiebert boys so that Chris & Angela could also be trainers.  It was a great opportunity to develop relational skills in most of the CMA leaders in that country.

LMC Venezuela 2013

After the course Murray stayed on in Caracas for a few days, meeting with the team, and taking a day to do something exciting.  Paragliding over the mountains west of Caracas was a spectacular experience.  First time ever and something I would do again, and again, and again.


Murray went straight from Venezuela to Mexico City for further meetings about a joint venture called The Coyoacan Project.  This is an effort to start an international Christian school in the Coyoacan area of Mexico City, in partnership with a local church and a community development group.  We are excited that the plans are moving forward and we anticipate an August 2014 launch.  This will not only supply a great educational option for our MKs but it will be a key avenue for impacting that part of Mexico City.

June has already had some excitement.  Mikaela had her first jumping competition at the beginning of the month.  It has been so cool to watch her confidence and ability grow in a short period of time.  She loves being on a horse.

Miki Riding Comp June 2013

We had a chilly mountain retreat with our house church people – high above San Jose and close to the Barva volcano.  We will miss this group of people who have been a joy to be with weekly for the past 2 years.

The Girls

Murray had another adventure this month with some friends 40 miles off the west coast of Jaco, Costa Rica – deep sea fishing.  The last time he went was over 15 years ago.  This trip was amazing – 4 tuna, 1 mahi mahi, 2 sail fish, and 3 blue marlin (sailfish and marlin were catch and release of course).  It was a memorable day with friends and God’s incredible creation.

D70_2007 D70_1878

June 12 was Mattea’s graduation from Middle School at Country Day School.  It was a great celebration with her classmates and their families.

Mattea Grad 2013

On June 17 we move from Costa Rica back to Kelowna, BC, Canada.  We plan on returning in one year.  We are looking forward to being close to family and friends for a time.  Our plan is to come back to Costa after the year for another term.

Derksens June 2013

Thanks for your prayers for us and for keeping up with us through this blog.

Murray & Michelle, Mikaela & Mattea

Spring Update

Dear Family & Friends,

Sorry for the delay in catching you up with our lives.  We have had a very full Winter/Spring (well, in Costa Rica it has been one season this whole time – dry season).  So, grab a coffee/tea and we’ll give you a brief run down.

After Mitch & Lauren left here in mid January we received another house guest.  Our “niece” (Murray’s cousin’s daughter) came to live with us for 3 months.  She had multiple roles:  caregiver for our girls when we traveled, student teacher (in English) at the girls’ international school, student teacher (in Spanish) at a public school close to our house.  Charmayne was a blessing wherever she went and it was a joy to have her in our home.

Charmayne and us 2013

One of our trips this spring took us to Penang, Malaysia where many key leaders of the CMA in Canada met to talk about the future environment of our organization.  It was a great time and we sensed a whole new level of commitment and unity.  We are excited about the path our organization is taking and we are privileged to be a part of it.

Hong Kong 2 2013Hong Kong 2013

Every winter we need at least 10 days of snow and cold – just to remind us that we are Canadians.  We have our our global team meetings in March each year in Toronto.  This year took us once again to a cottage, for retreat time, that was picturesque in setting (and content).

Muskoka Winter 2013 Cottage Fire 2013

Another trip took Murray to Mexico City to have a follow up meeting with a steering committee whose desire is to see an international school started in the south central part of that city.  We are excited about this project for many reasons:  it will provide a place for our coworkers’ children to receive excellent education, and it opens the door to many new relationships.

Coyoacan Steering Com 2013

Yet another trip took Murray to Lima to meet with CMA leaders from Canada, US, Latin America as well as global partners.  It was our yearly CMA Americas meeting and was a great time of networking to see how we can continue to work together.

Lima 2013

One of our weekly highlights is the house church that meets in our home on Sunday mornings.  We love this group of people and have some amazing spiritual discussions.  We celebrated 2 years as a “family” on Easter Sunday.

House Church 2013 House Church Kids 2013

Finally, one of Mikaela’s passions is horseback riding.  She has advanced quite a bit in these last few months.  As parents we are nervous when there are spills and bucks and crashes – but this seems to energize Miki which just confirms that she is thriving in this environment.

Miki Riding 2013 Miki Jumping 2013

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us.  We will try and update more often so that you don’t feel like you are drinking from a fire hose 🙂

Murray & Michelle

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